Luau Party Ideas

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Throwing a theme party has never been easier, especially with the great luau party ideas collected on this page.

You'll also find that party supply stores and online merchants have LOTS of fun things to choose from for invitations to decorations, so that makes this an easy party to shop for.

There are some themes that are just a classic. Everyone loves them, no matter what age - kids, teens, adults.

A luau or Hawaiian theme is one of those party themes that is always a hit.

This party theme instantly brings to mind fun, relaxation, and good times with good friends, old and new.


Luau Party Invitations

  • If you don’t find any pre-made invitations that you like, make Hawaiian shirts from tropical themed scrapbooking paper and write the details on the back.

  • Luau Party Decorations

    With a luau party theme, the more decorations the better to help set the mood!

  • Table covers in tropical colors: hot pink, lime green, yellow, turquoise, and orange.
  • Raffia table skirting
  • Seashells
  • Sand Pails and beach toys
  • Blow up beach balls
  • Fish Nets
  • Pink Flamingos
  • Parrots
  • Palm Trees (real, inflatable, or made from butcher paper)
  • Flowers (Hibiscus, orchids, palms)
  • Fresh Fruit (pineapples, coconuts, bananas)
  • Tiki Torches
  • Make your own
  • Paper Lanterns
  • Use real hollowed out coconuts as candle holders
  • Travel posters to the islands (maybe you can get for free from a travel agent!)
  • If you are looking to buy decorations, has an incredible selection of just about anything you could ever imagine!
  • Try making some easy homemade party decorations of tiki torches, hibiscus flowers, and sealife
  • Homemade Party Decorations

    Luau Food and Beverages

    Other than the usual chips/dips, etc...

  • If serving a meal, try kabobs, Caribbean jerked chicken or shrimp (coconut shrimp is great!)
  • A Luau Themed Cake
  • Fruit salad (use tropical fruit)
  • Margaritas
  • Mai Tais
  • Rum Punch
  • I love the ideas of serving drinks with those cute little drink umbrellas!

  • Luau Party Music

  • Jimmy Buffett
  • Beach Boys
  • Reggae
  • Fun Beach/Hawaiian/Luau Music Compilation CD

  • Luau Party Ideas Games and Activities

  • Have guests dress for the occasion: luau, beach, tropical wear. Award prizes for the best.
  • Give each guest a lei to wear when they arrive. If they didn’t come dressed “tropical” for the party, then this will help get them in the mood. (If your budget allows, give everyone a grass skirt too!)
  • Hula Hoop Contest
  • Pass the Orange Game (two teams form a line…each team has an orange and passes it from person to person under their chin – no hands allowed! The first team that passes the orange all the way down the line wins!)
  • Prior to the party look up the Hawaiian name of each of your guests and include it on a name tag
  • Limbo!
  • Hire a hula dancer to come do a show and teach a dance
  • Hit a Luau themed pinata
  • Play some games off our water games list to keep cool!

  • Party Favors and Prizes

    If you passed out leis at the beginning of the party, then those can be a party favor.

  • Margarita Glasses
  • Jimmy Buffett Music CD
  • Beach Towels
  • Beach Bag filled with sunscreen, beach towels, etc.
  • Dashboard Hula Girls
  • What else?

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