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Looking for Chinese New Year Activities?

Have a Chinese New Year Party!

Planning your celebration will be easy with this list of easy party ideas and games!

Chinese New Year Party Invitations

Invitations set the mood for a great party, and it is easy to do some creative, out of the box type invites for Chinese celebrations.

  • Custom made fortune cookies with party details as the fortune
  • Scrolls of the Chinese Calendar, with your party info prominently displayed!
  • Create your own “Chinese Takeout” style menu, with party details as the menu.
  • Personalize each invitation by writing your guests names on the invitation in Chinese

  • Chinese New Year Decorations

  • Red lights
  • Red Lanterns
  • Red, Red, Red – Red is an important color of the holiday
  • Drape walls with Red Fabric
  • Posters with Chinese drawings, letters, etc.
  • Travel posters of China (ask a travel agent if they have some they could give you!)
  • Chinese zodiac posters

  • A helpful hint for creating lots of "red" spaces in a hurry...disposable red plastic tablecloths from the party store add a lot of color quickly!

    Chinese New Year Food

  • Serve your Chinese favorites buffet style or family style
  • For desert, serve something sticky and sweet. The Chinese believe that the kitchen god can’t report any bad things about your household if his mouth is stuck together from the dessert.
  • Serve Mandarin Oranges, a traditional symbol of the Chinese New Year Festival.

  • Chinese New Year Activities and Games

  • Have a nametag for each guest with their name written in Chinese
  • Do temporary tattoos with Chinese letters
  • Firecrackers – Scare away the evil spirits! Shoot off some fireworks (if your community will allow it) or light some sparklers.
  • Makeup Fortune Cookie Sayings
  • Play Chinese Dominoes
  • Decorate Chinese New Year red envelopes
  • Play a fun Chinese New Year Celebration Trivia Game like this one from

  • Printable Chinese New Year trivia game
  • Create glowing lanterns
  • Learn Chinese paper cutting
  • Enjoy hot tea and good luck candy
  • Face painting for the current year's animal
  • Learn some Kung Fu
  • Make paper lanterns or other Chinese New Year crafts, such as planting a flower associated with the new year  
  • Have a Chinese New Year Dragon Dance (or lion dance)– hire some performers or “make” your own lion or dragon head out of paper mache!
  • See if there is a Chinese New Year parade or Chinese New Year Festival in your town and go together (if there isn’t one, make your own…especially if there are kids celebrating!)
  • Watch some Chinese movies …including Mulan or Kung Fu Panda for the kids.

  • Chinese New Year Gifts and Party Favors:

  • Chinese “Handcuffs” Finger Traps
  • Sparklers
  • Calendars
  • Red Packets of money
  • Chinese Dragon Masks
  • Packets of tea
  • Chinese New Year Flowers
  • Mandarin Oranges
  • A CD of Chinese New Year Music
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