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A pirate party is one of the most popular kid birthday party ideas around!!

The adventure, daring, danger...all make for fun.

Party favors and pirate items are pretty easy to come by, they even make balloons with skulls and crossbones for your party!

Here are a few easy ideas, taken from several pirate parties that we have attended, that you might enjoy!

Pirate Party Ideas and Games

Pirate Party Invitations

Place a message in a bottle.

You can also make your own party invitations - make a treasure map and put an "x" marking the spot of the party!

Pirate Party Decorations

Here are some fun decorations to include at your party:

  • Jolly Roger Pirate Flats
  • Red and Black balloons and streamers
  • Striped fabric
  • Wood Plank Scene Setters (to look like a pirate ship)
  • Beach or Ocean Scene Setters
  • Paint boxes to look like shipping or cargo crates
  • Treasure Chest (read more ideas of how to use a treasure chest in the games section below)

Arrival Activities and Ice Breakers

  • Decorate Treasure Chests
  • Decorate paper swords
  • Talk like a pirate from the beginning of the party to the end.
  • Give each guest a pirate patch, vest, or bandana hat as they arrive. You might even use face paint to add some pirate whiskers!
  • Give everyone a pirate temporary tattoo.
  • Let each child design their own pirate flag.
  • Read a story about pirates.
  • Pirate Kid Party Games

  • Go on a Pirate Party Treasure Hunt! This is a must! Have a treasure map with "x" marking the spot.
  • Make your own game of pin the patch on the pirate by drawing a pirate on poster board, and creating patches out of paper with double sided tape (or cut out patches from large mailing labels.)
  • Hit a Pirate Ship Pinata, or make a pinata that looks like a treasure chest. This is easy to make out of a cardboard box! Learn with these easy instructions of how to make a pinata
  • Have a Canon Ball Toss. Take turns tossing a black ball thru a hole or hula hoop, or try to keep black balloons afloat.
  • Play Walk the Plank. You can even do Follow the Leader on a blank or long wooden board set on the ground.
  • More Kids Party Games
  • Pirate Birthday Party Cakes

  • Use Pirate Figurines on your cake like on this pirate cake example.
  • Use a pirate ship cake pan - this makes it easy to have a fabulous birthday party cake!
  • Pirate Birthday Party Favors

    Favorite ideas for pirate-themed children's birthday party favors include:

  • Eye Patches
  • Jolly Roger Flags
  • Pirate Telescopes
  • Pirate Stickers
  • Inflatable swords or cutlasses
  • Pirate Hats
  • Treasure Chests
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