Oktoberfest Party

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An Octoberfest Party is high on our list (even though I'm not a fan of beer...). Why, you ask?

A bit about my family tree...my husband's ancestors hail from Germany, and his birthday is in October, and October is such a perfect month for a party with the beautiful weather and all...so why not?

Oktoberfest started as a celebration of Ludwig I of Bavaria’s wedding in 1810. It is held in Munich each year and is the world's largest fair.

If you can't make it to Munich, you can still have a fun Octoberfest celebration!

Here are some easy party ideas and games:

  • Decorate with German travel posters (check with your local travel agent)

  • Decorate with Oktoberfest banners, stein cutouts, and German flags

  • More decorations can include Steins, Hummel figurines, nutcrackers and Tyrolean hats

  • Encourage your guests to come in traditional German dress

  • Teach the Lederhosen dance and the Chicken Dance

  • Hold your party outside if possible, just like in Munich

  • Play some great German oompah music!

  • Play some fun games, such as the off-limits game, with the word "beer" being off-limits.

  • Serve up some great German sausages, cabbage, sauerkraut, potato salad and pretzels! And don't forget the beer!!

  • Another option for food is to serve an Alpine themed menu, similar to this example.

  • Perhaps even include a beer tasting as part of the celebration!

  • Camping Games: Beers of the World Trivia

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