Beach Baby Bunco

by Debbie P.
(Smithfield, UT)

Every month we have a theme and in June it was "BEACH BABY BUNCO".

We combined our regular bunco night with a surprise baby shower for one of our girls. Everyone brought presents and every time someone got a Bunco the little "mommy to be" got to open a gift.

Lisa says:

I love the idea of opening a gift every time someone gets a bunco.

I thought about having a gift opened at the end of each round, but I think that would slow down the game too much. I like your idea much better!

If playing multiple games (counting each round 1 thru 6 as a game) you could take break between games before starting over on 1's to open presents, then take another break before another game to serve cake, petit fours or whatever the celebration dessert might be!

Love the name of this shower too - Beach Baby Bunco! Lots of fun decorating possibilities here (visit our page Luau Party for some inspiration.

A beach party theme is always a hit, no matter what type of party it is. The idea of the beach brings to mind fun times, great memories, and something along an “escape from the everyday” sort of idea. To go along with theme you could suggest guests bring gifts along with the beach theme, such as baby sunblock, sunglasses, hats, floaties, swim diapers (in addition to regular always needed diapers!), board books about going to the beach or sea animals.

You could continue gift ideas along a “water theme” which might include things for the bath – shampoo, towels, washcloths, baby bathtubs, robes, grooming supplies, that sort of thing. Don’t forget the bathtub toys, plastic fishes and toy boats!

Maybe a (beach) blanket or two, too!

Thanks so much for sharing your idea on this website.

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