Bonkers for Bunco Fundraiser

Having been an avid Bunco player for almost 20 years, when presented with the task to raise money for Katrina victims, I knew a big Bunco fundraiser competition was the way to go. My local charity organization become ecstatic when they heard that all we would need was a bunch of die (multiple of three of course) and a place to play. After posting flyers up for approximately three weeks, we were thrilled to see close to 200 people show up at the playing tables. At $20 a ticket to get in, as well as a number of raffles, we raised over $6000. Although a small percentage of those who came in knew the game, they all left with a newfound love for Bunco, as well as a sense of pride of having helped people who needed it most.

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by: Cindy Booth

My Soroptimist Club is looking at having a Bunco for Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser. Yours was very successfull it seems. Do you have anything you would be willing to share to help us plan this event. We have several members that play Bunco once a month. We are not sure how to set up or set the format for a very large group.
Can you share your information on how this was run?

One way to do a large group
by: Anonymous

Create 3 tables with seating for 4 at each table (for a total of 12 players). Have those 12 play together as a group ? with one table as the high table, one as the medium table, and one as the low table. Make sure you have someone in charge of each group, and that each group is playing by the same rules. Then, have as many groups as needed to accommodate all of your players. Each group should play the same number of games. At the end (decide before hand how many rounds you want to play), award prizes. If people from different groups tie, you can give prizes to each, or let them do a roll off.

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