Easter Party Ideas

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Our neighborhood party for Easter each year is so much fun.

Several families get together and we meet up at the neighborhood playground. Sometimes we even do it the week after Easter. We figure the kids will love a party anytime, plus all those Easter goodies are on sale after the holiday!!

If you don't have access to a playground for your Easter celebration, perhaps a yard, or a church nearby would do.

Having access to a playground is nice though, because it can distract the kids while the eggs are hidden.

The Easter Egg Hunt

We ask that each family brings a dozen eggs for each child that is participating in the hunt. The kids play, we hide the eggs (we always bring a few extra just in case...) and then on "Go" the kids get to find 12 eggs each. That way everyone will end up with the same number of eggs and the older kids don't have an unfair advantage to get more.

More Easter Party Ideas Fun

We've varied it from year to year, but sometimes we've had one or more of the following at our neighborhood Easter celebration:

  • Have a parent dress as the Easter bunny
  • Have some easy crafts - something that all ages can do (coloring sheets work great)
  • Bounce houses
  • Pinatas
  • Printable Easter games. Instant eggs-citement! Just add paper

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