Snowman Party Ideas

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As this page about snowman party ideas is being written, it is snowing outside. Funny, because it shouldn't be snowing. Last week it was 80 degrees. That is typical for those of us lucky enough to live in Texas!

But snowing or not, everyone loves snowmen, so snowmen party ideas are coming to mind!

When you think about it, a snowman party is great. It works for anytime in winter, and can be used as a holiday party (or not!) - anytime you are looking for ideas for holidays and celebrations.

Here are some ideas for snowman lovers everywhere...

Favorite Snowman Party Ideas

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  • Serve a snowman cake.
  • Snowman Race - just like the halloween game of making a person into a mummy with toilet paper, you can make a snowman out of toilet paper too. Divide players into pairs or small groups. One player will be the snowman. Then race to get wrapped in toilet paper and snowman accessories. Accessories can be a length of crepe paper for a scarf and big black buttons made out of construction paper (taped on) and a hat.
  • Cool-Whip Snowmen - Give each team of two or three players a small container of chilled cool whip. You'll also need some accessories - chocolate chips (buttons and eyes), licorice (arms), and candy corn (nose). They must then build a snowman with these items in 3 minutes of less. For extra fun, let everyone eat their snowman at the end...without using their hands! Or...
  • Make snowmen out of styrofoam balls.
  • Go outside for an old-fashioned snowball fight!
  • Divide into two teams - with each team having a blindfold, bowl, tablespoon and a bag of white cotton balls. A person from each team tries to put as many cotton balls (snowballs) into the bowl as they can with their eyes covered. The team who gets the most snowballs in the bowl wins. While waiting their turn, other players can cheer their teammates!
  • Make your own "pin the carrot on the snowman" game.
  • Play a printable Frosty the Snowman trivia game 
  • Have a scavenger hunt to try to find different parts of snowmen accessories.
  • Decorate with lots of snowman figurines and tissue paper snowflakes.
  • Decorate with lots of little white lights.
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