Cinco De Mayo Party

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Have a Cinco De Mayo Party! This day celebrates a holiday in Mexico which is the day the Mexican Army defeated the French in 1862.

Think Fiesta!! Ole!

  • Decorate with lots of wonderful colors, and include fun items like sombreros, Mexican flags and Mexican blankets.

  • Decorate with colorful tissue paper flowers, streamers and pinatas.

  • Check with your local travel agent for travel posters from Mexico.

  • Make sure there is a pinata to hit.

  • For adults, have a tequila tasting or Margarita tasting contest.

  • Mariachi music is a must!

  • Learn some Mexican dances. The Mexican hat dance is a favorite! Or perhaps enjoy watching a Ballet Folklorico show.

  • Play games such as "Lasso the Bull", basically a ring toss game.

  • More ideas for food can be found on our Mexican Dinner page...

  • Add a great flan recipe! or a Cinco de Mayo flag cake along with great Mexican food like tacoes, enchiladas, tortillas, churros and tamales.

  • Your Cinco De Mayo Party Ideas

    I love it when people who have visited this website share their own tips and ideas.

    Site Visitor Daniela A. of Arroyo Grande, California shared the following recipe for guacamole:

    "Guacamole is an easy food to make, not to mention delicious. Just smash up 1 Chile, 2 or 3 avocados, and 1 garlic tooth. Serve it up with some tortilla chips and there you go a tasty, healthy snack for you and your guests. Add more of the same ingredients depending how many people you are having over."

    Add your Cinco de Mayo ideas to this list!

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