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Celebrate Spring with a brunch or luncheon with the girls celebrating "flower power"!

I held this party the first spring after I had gotten married. My husband and I had transformed our backyard by laying a brick patio (we did it ourselves!) and planting a very ambitious flower garden.

To show it off to my girl friends, I planned a brunch where we could sit around the flowers that were blooming so beautifully.

Here are some ideas so that you can have your own flower or garden theme party....



  • Enclose a packet of flower seeds with your invitation
  • Deliver a flower with your invitation


  • Flowers
  • Topiaries
  • Anything nature inspired
  • Anything gardening inspired (cute watering cans, spades, hats, etc.)
  • Spend extra time on your table setting. This is the time to bring out beautiful linens and dishes.
  • I have found the best book for arranging flowers at home. You'll find lots of things in this book that you can make. They give you step by step instructions, and you'll have everyone saying "oooh" and "aaah"! The book is called A Year Full of Flowers: Fresh Ideas to Bring Flowers Into Your Life Everyday


  • Beautiful, relaxing music
  • If you are outside, enjoy listening to the birds! 


  • Salads with edible flowers (pansies and beautiful and colorful!)
  • Garnish other dishes with edible flowers
  • NOTE: Some flowers are toxic and care should be taken that you are gathering something that is edible. Allergic reactions can occur. Make sure you wash to remove pesticides, dirt and insects.  
  • Serve a daisy cake or other flower themed cake
  • Serve with floral dishware and linens


  • Potted flowers or topiaries
  • Gardening Items
  • Books are always a nice gift, and don't have to be gardening themed... Think outside the box, such as a poetry book with poems about flowers
  • Personal Care products made from natural ingredients, such as soaps and lotions
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