Once a year I go all out!

by Marjorie
(Long Beach MS)

Urban Cowboy Bunco

Urban Cowboy Bunco

I like to choose a theme according to the month it’s held. The more off hand the better. Most of the time it’s anything goes.
It is so fun to pick the food and decorations to match.
I’ve done an English Tea Party, Groundhog Day, conspiracy theory Bunco with tin foil hats required,
Favorite tee shirt Bunco, The wedding I never had Bunco, Bird Box bunco, Big Bang Bunco, retirement Bunco, Spring flowers Bunco, Cinco de Mayo Bunco, 1950 diner Bunco, pajama party Bunco, haunted Bunco to name a few.
I love hosting Bunco because it’s the one party you plan and you know everyone will come!

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