Valentine Party Ideas

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We've collected some Valentine Party ideas for just about any age!

One of my strong memories of childhood was having Valentines Day Party at elementary school. Leading up to the day, we would carefully decorate a brown paper lunch sack with heart, scraps of ribbon and doilies.

A trip to the store was necessary to pick out just the perfect paper valentines, and then I would literally agonize of who should receive each one.

The big day came, and everyone in the class would bring a valentine for each child, dropping one in each sack. I couldn't wait to get home and read the pre-printed sentiment on each one, and know that these had been selected special, just for me.

High School brought on a Sadie Hawkins Dance, where the girls would ask the boys to the dance, rather than the other way around. It was a big deal to us then, not only selecting our dress, but selecting which boy we would ask!!

In college we would have Crush Parties. My sorority sisters and I would make a list of all the boys we thought were cute, and we would publish their names in the college newspaper, inviting them to come to our Crush Party. Of course, they all came, and they didn't know which of us had invited them(or did they?). Anyway, it was great fun!

As an adult, a group that I belong to has an annual "husband/significant other" appreciation party around Valentine's Day. We usually do it in conjunction with a wine tasting or plan some other fun event that the guys will really enjoy. This is one of my favorite valentine party ideas.

Whether your party be large or small, valentine party ideas should all come from the heart. Making your friends feel special and showing them how you really feel about them is what it is all about!

Here are some easy party ideas and games for your Valentines Day Celebrations!

Valentines Day Party Details

Invitations – Use Playing cards (Hearts, or with the Queen of Hearts as a theme). You can also use Lace Doilies as an invitation.

Decorations – have hearts everywhere! Make garland out of hearts and use red, pink and white balloons and rose petals. Don't forget the candles!

Party Favors – Small heart shaped boxes of chocolates

Valentine Party Ideas
Games and Activities

Valentine Party Games Pack. Over 20 printables!

  • Play the fortune teller game to find out who you will marry

  • Do Valentine Themed Mad Libs

  • Play fun games from a Printable Valentine Party Games Pack

  • Play Valentine’s Day Trivia

  • Play some match up games

  • Have candy hearts in a jar and let everyone guess how many

  • Play charades of romantic movie titles

  • Sing Karaoke love songs

  • Make valentine’s crafts

  • Have a spoon race with candy hearts

  • Decorate cookies or cupcakes

  • A great Mixer – give your first few guests a heart cut out of red paper (or you could use heart stickers). Have them attach the heart to their clothing in plain site. Then other guests go around and try to collect the names of everyone wearing the hearts and where they are wearing them.

  • Have a Hershey Kiss Relay Race Give each team a pair of mittens, and a bowl of Hershey Kisses. On "Go", the first player from each team should run to the bowl (with mittens on), unwrap a kiss, and return to the team for the next person to go.

  • Bring out the red, pink, and white! Decorating is easy!

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