Talk Like A Pirate

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Did you know that there is an official day set aside each year just to talk like pirates?

That's right! A day dedicated to talking like a pirate, and celebrating in pirate fashion. Visit Talk Like a to learn all about celebration that occurs on September 19th each year.

So have some pirate cake and let's celebrate!

If you need to know some pirate words and lingo for your pirate party...then here are a few words to get you started!

Yo Ho Ho Ho… Some Pirate words for me! Arr!

Ahoy – Hello, or a greeting

All Hands on Deck – get to work

Arr! - Means just about anything you want it to!

Avast - Stop

Aye - Yes

Booty – Treasure!

Davy Jones's locker – The bottom of the ocean

Gangway! Move out of the way

Jolly Roger – the pirate flag

Lad - A young man

Landlubber – a person who lives on land.

Lass or Lassie - a girl

Matey – a friend

Me hearties - My friends

Savvy - Understand?

Shiver me timbers! - Wow!

Add to our list!

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