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What are the sure thing kids party ideas for elementary or gradeschool age kids?

Here are some of their favorite games that you can adapt for any kids party.

Chances are you'll find some version of each of these games at a lot of parties.

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  • Charades - this one never gets old! You can make it simpler for younger kids, by playing a game of Fast Charades
  • Obstacle Course - make it really challenging for older kids, a little easier for younger kids. With the younger ones, getting some of the shy kids to participate will be an obstacle in itself. Don't make it too overwhelming for them. But as I said, the older kids...the more challenging the better! Ditto for Relays.
  • Tag Games - Tag, you are it! Kids love to run around, don't they?
  • Treasure Hunts - The act of searching for something as part of a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt is always a hit.
  • Another fun kids game where everyone can be sitting down is Hangman.

  • Where to find great Kids Party Ideas

  • You'll find all of these games and more on our Kids Party Games page. Select a category and then pick a game that sounds fun to you!
  • If you want to center your theme around one activity, sports parties, are popular, such as going to a skating rink, park or soccer field.
  • And for older elementary kids who can draw upon their powers of reasoning...a mystery party can be just the ticket.
  • Chances are that your kid will be interested and have a good idea already of fun things to do.
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