Fast Charades

"Fast" Charades is perfect for those who love classic adult party game ideas but want to add a little twist!.

This version moves along faster, and can sometimes be easier because you'll be acting out words instead of phrases and titles (especially if you are unfamiliar with a title).

Well, I said it can be easier. It just depends! When you are just doing a word, instead of a phrase, sometimes these can be hard to work out. How would you act out the word "birthdays"?

This game is played with a timer, so no matter what, you are working to get as many points as possible before the bell rings!

You'll need:

  • Slips of paper and pencils
  • Timer
  • To Play:

    Have each person write down words (either a noun or verb) on a piece of paper.

    Divide your guests into two teams.

    One person from the first team will draw a piece of paper and act out what it says so that his or her team will guess what it is.

    When the team guesses, it will be the next team's turn.

    Keep track of how much time each team spends on their turn.

    The team with the lowest total amount of time used wins.

    The game is over after each person has had a turn to draw a slip of paper and act out their item.

    Alternative way to play:

    Instead of acting out the word, have them draw a description of the word until someone guesses.

    If you are playing this as a birthday party game, you can use words associated with the birthday person. These may (or may not) be easy to guess, depending on how well everyone knows them!

    The ideas on this website are free for you to use and enjoy. Thank you for considering a purchase of party supplies from the vendors thru the links provided to help support this website!

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