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Perfect for summer, the beach, the pool, or even a "pick me up" in the winter!

Enjoy these easy and fun kids birthday party ideas!

Hawaiian Luau Party Invitations

  • Write the party details on inflated beach balls and deliver.
  • Make Hawaiian shirts from tropical themed scrapbooking paper and write the details on the back.
  • Send your invitation as a message in a bottle.

  • Hawaiian Luau Decorations

  • Lots of beach balls
  • Decorate with ocean colors: Blue, Purple, Teal streamers and balloons, or with fun tropical colors: hot pink, lime green, yellow, turquoise, and orange.
  • Sea Shells and sand pails
  • Hang up fish shapes that you have cut out of construction paper (let the birthday child decorate in advance!)
  • Have access to a bubble machine? Hook it up during the party!
  • Cake Table: Beach, Ocean or Tropical items, such as pirate booty and coins, tropical fruit (pineapple, coconut, etc.), plastic fish – use your imagination!
  • Make some great under the sea homemade party decorations to transform your party area!
  • Play tunes from the Beach Boys
  • Build your very own volcano! It's easy!

  • Hawaiian Party Ice Breakers and Arrival Activities

  • Decorate construction paper fish shapes
  • Make wave bottles – fill empty small water bottles half full of water. Add a drop of blue or green food coloring, some glitter, and sea life confetti. Fill remainder of bottle with cooking oil and hot glue on lid.
  • Sand Art – Give kids 5 – 7 pixie sticks in different colors and have them pour into empty baby food jars as sand art.
  • Dig in a sandbox to find gold coins or jewels
  • Do some face painting - how about a hibiscus flower on each person's cheek? Or a beach ball?
  • Let the kids play with beach balls or Hula Hoops
  • Bring in some sand and build sand castles!
  • Decorate flip flops

  • Luau Party Games

  • Limbo!
  • Circle Games - Play Pass the Coconut (like Pass the Parcel) or Hot Coconut (like Hot Potato)!
  • Dive Under the Sea - Gather everyone around a blue sheet and have plenty of bean bag fishes, stuffed animal sea creatures, etc. under the sheet. Have everyone stand to hold and shake the sheet (like a parachute) while adult says “Under the Sea, Under the Sea, Jack and Lucy, dive under the sea”. Jack and Lucy go under the sheet, grab a sea creature, and then toss it onto the top of the sheet. It is fun to watch the fish get tossed around!
  • Monster Monster Game - This game is perfect for a Sea Monster!!
  • Musical Islands
  • – Great for a big group of kids, this version of musical chairs doesn't leave anyone out. To play, you'll need some hula hoops. These will be your "islands". Place them on the floor around the room. When the music starts, everyone must walk around the hoops. When the music stops - they must jump into a hoop. At the end of each round an island is removed. At the end, you have everyone trying to squeeze some part of their body into a hoop. If you don't have enough hula hoops, you can do this with towels.

  • Water Games - If the weather is right, water games are always fun!
  • More kid party games.

  • Hawaiian Luau Party Birthday Cake Ideas

  • A mermaid cake
  • A pirate ship cake
  • An ocean scene cake
  • A cake to look like a pair of flip flops
  • A volcano cake

  • Hawaiian Luau Party Favors

  • Sand pail or sand toys
  • Bubbles
  • Fish, aquarium or theme stickers
  • Small bag of plastic jewels, chocolate treasure coins, or ring pops
  • Tropical fruit candy
  • beach balls
  • beach towels
  • leis
  • Grass Hula Skirts
  • Mermaid or Pirate Items
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