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A western, cowgirl or cowboy party was a party I always planned to have for my kids, but somehow we ran out of years to use these ideas before we used all the themes I had thought out!

My loss, however, is your gain!

Round up your friends and head on over to the party corral!

Cowboy party ideas and games

Cowboy Party Invitation Ideas

  • Make a sheriff's badge with party info on the back
  • Make wanted posters with the party info listed - Wanted: You!!
  • In a hurry? Purchase cute cowboy party invitations online.
  • My friend Christine threw a rodeo party for her daughter. I'll tell you that Christine is the go-to girl for birthday party invitation wording! This is what she put on her birthday party invitations:

  • Howdy y’all!
    Round-up for some fun!
    We’re having a rodeo with events to be won!
    Rop’in, rac’in, paint’in and more,
    Balloons, cake, and ice cream galore!
    Join the stampede.
    Let’s here you cheer!
    ______'s birthday is finally here!

  • Western Party Decorations

    It is easy to create a fun western atmosphere. Here are some suggestions to set the mood:

  • Hay Bales
  • Wagon Wheels
  • Western Theme Scene Setters
  • Wanted posters, with your friends as the “wanted” ones. Make up fun nicknames for these wanted folks.
  • Make "cactus" plants out of green construction paper and place on the walls
  • Red checked tablecloths
  • Serve drinks out of mason jars
  • Serve food on tin plates (aluminum pie tins work great!)
  • Cowboy or Cowgirl Party Activities and Ice Breakers

    It is always a good idea to have something for everyone to do as they arrive and as you are waiting on the rest of the guests to come. Some theme activities...

  • Play horseshoes
  • Decorate vests made out of paper bags
  • Make wanted posters
  • Decorate Horseshoes
  • Give everyone a Cowboy Hat and/or Sheriff Badge as they arrive
  • Turn everyone into horses - headbands with pony ears and a tail for everyone
  • Decorate stick horses made out of yard sticks with poster board heads
  • Cowgirl Party IdeasThe ideas on this page work great for cowgirl parties too!

    Cowboy Party Games

  •  Have a rodeo inspired relay races, such as a stick horse race
  • Have sack races
  • Pan for gold or have a hunt for gold (rocks that you have spray painted gold!)
  • Hit a pinata shaped like a horseshoe, cactus or any other western themed item. Read here for How to Make a Pinata
  • Make sure you talk like a cowboy at the party. Say things like “howdy pardner”, call the food “chuck”, and the party a “shindig".
  • Big budget? Hire a pony for pony rides.
  • Drop rubber snakes into a cowboy boot (sort of like the clothespin drop game.)
  • Play a Pin the Badge on the Sheriff Party Game.
  • Try to rope a cow with a hula hoop. Make the cow out of poster board.
  • Try to milk a cow. No, not a real cow (unless you have one!) Attach a latex glove (filled with water) to a poster board drawing of a cow. Put a tiny pin prick in each finger of the glove, then let everyone take a turn "milking" the cow.
  • Fun Idea: You can set up the games as part of a set of tasks with the ultimate prize of earning a sheriff's badge - similar to the "set up" described on the superhero party page.
  • Cowboy Birthday Party Cakes

  • Make a cute cowgirl cake (or cowboy cake) with a drawing of the cake being lassoed.
  • Make a rectangular cake and put cowboy and horse figures on top.
  • Make a horse cake.
  • More cowboy cake ideas

    Cowboy Party Favors

  • Rather than putting your favors in a bag, place them inside a Bandana and tie it into a little sack.
  • Bags of "gold" (spray painted rocks)
  • Sheriff Badges
  • Cowboy Hats
  • Shopping for your Party!

  • Western Party Invitations
  • tin plates
  • Red Checkered Tablecloths
  • Mason Jars
  • bandanas
  • horseshoes
  • Western scene setter
  • Wagon wheel decoration
  • little white lights
  • Sack Race Bags
  • Country Karaoke

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