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A fashion party is a perfect theme party idea for you if you are looking for something related to fashion, but not exactly the fashion doll party route. Think models, cosmopolitan cities,!

Here are some fun and favorite activities for a special fashion model party to remember:

Fashion Party Girl
  • Give each girl a plain t-shirt and then let them decorate it using stencils and rhinestones. Be sure to give them a piece of paper first to layout their design first.
  • Play the Project Runway Fashion Challenge Game where you draw a fashion on a piece of paper, depending on the instructions provided by the "spinner".
  • Have a piece of paper for each girl with a drawing of a face. Have makeup, applicators, etc. and let them "makeup" the face drawing.
  • Have your guests come dressed in their fashion best, and then let them practice their runway walk. They can do it as a group, and then each step forward and take a turn on the "catwalk". Be sure to have someone there to be photographer!

  • Fashion Slumber Party

    For a fashion slumber party, watch episodes of your favorite model or fashion TV shows or movies.

    Since you're staying overnight, there is a lot more time available to design outfits for yourself or each other and model them.

    Let the girls put on makeup (if they are young, instead have someone put the makeup on them and style their hair) to give themselves a great new look.

    Fashion Model Game

    I wanted to share with you about a fun game that the girls really enjoyed at a fashion model party I recently attended. Just below is a party photo of the game in progress!

    Fashion Party Game

    Have players divide into teams and give each team a large piece of cloth and some clothespins. One person on each team is the designer, and the other is the model.

    Give the designer 5 minutes to create a "garment" that the model will show off. Then, switch places so everyone gets a turn to be a designer and a model.

    You can also design with recycled items, toilet paper, or another creative material.

    My thanks to a special friend :-) for these fun and easy party ideas and games!

    More Fun Fashion Party Games

  • Now, if you've been to a great fashion party, we'd love to hear about it! So please share! Other great ideas for fashion parties from site visitors include:
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