Fashion Party

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A fashion party is perfect for you if you are looking for fashion, but not exactly the fashion doll party route.

Here are some fun activities for your a special fashion model party to remember:

  • Give each girl a plain t-shirt and then let them decorate it using stencils and rhinestones. Be sure to give them a piece of paper first to layout their design first.
  • Play the Project Runway Fashion Challenge Game where you draw a fashion on a piece of paper, depending on the instructions provided by the "spinner".
  • Have a piece of paper for each girl with a drawing of a face. Have makeup, applicators, etc. and let them "makeup" the face drawing.
  • Have your guests come dressed in their fashion best, and then let them practice their runway walk. They can do it as a group, and then each step forward and take a turn on the "catwalk".

  • For a slumber party, watch episodes of your favorite model or fashion TV shows or movies.
  • Next I'll tell you about a fun game that the girls really enjoyed at a party I recently attended. Just below is a party photo of the game in progress!
  • Have players divide into teams and give each team a large piece of cloth and some clothespins.

    One person on each team is the designer, and the other is the model.

    Give the designer 5 minutes to create a "garment" that the model will show off.

    Then, switch places so everyone gets a turn to be a designer and a model.

  • My thanks to a special friend :-) for these fun and easy party ideas and games!
  • Now, if you've been to a great fashion party, we'd love to hear about it! So please share! Other great ideas for fashion parties from site visitors include:
  • Play a game of "Hot Nails"
  • Have a Fun Model Party

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