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There are lots more unique Christmas theme party ideas that have been sent in by visitors to this website.

Sometimes you want to do something a bit different, or perhaps you'd just like to read about some real parties and their details to get your own brainstorming going.

Some of our favorites include these fun Christmas party ideas...

Grinch Party

Everyone loves the Grinch, so gather your "Who" friends and plan a Grinch Who Stole Christmas Party.

This is a great Christmas theme for everyone to enjoy! Sure to make any Grinch's heart grow several sizes larger!

Nutcracker Party

When I think of a nutcracker party theme, I immediately think of the beautiful and popular Nutcracker ballet, and of all those neat, collectible wooden nutcrackers that are fun to see.

One of our visitors, however, came up with a completely different idea for a "nutcracker" Christmas party theme.

Read all about their Nutty Nutcracker Christmas Party.

You'll think of a nutcracker christmas theme party in a whole new way!

Kids Karaoke Christmas Party

This one is listed on our "kids party page", but it is so fun, we wanted to make sure you see it.

It could be a fun idea for grown-ups too...

Read about it at: Kids Karaoke Caroling Party

Christmas Angel Party

I love this idea of a Christmas Angel Party because you can do so much with beautiful and elegant decorations!

Merry Olde English Christmas Party

This submission for a Merry Olde English Party is an interesting idea. If you want to go really "olde" England you could make your party a Renaissance affair, similar to the party I went to once (and described on our Medieval Party page).

For years my husband and I have talked about going to England for Christmas. Celebrating "Dickens" style in London sounds like such a picturesque thing to do. (Perhaps some of our readers in London can clue me in!).

This idea for a Merry Olde English Christmas Party was submitted by one of our visitors. If you want to fill in with the English theme, you could also do a pub party. A game of playing pub (Christmas themed) trivia would be in order.

Speaking of Dickens, I once went to a Dickens Christmas party at someone's home.

They had a Christmas buffet for us and had hired Christmas carolers in Dicken's type costumes to serenade us all evening. They strolled around the (very large) house and it was nice hearing their singing in the background.

Sort of a live soundtrack happening all around you.

If carrying out the Dickens theme you could also center your party ideas around the classic "Christmas Carol". Celebrating Christmas past, present and future.

Hopefully these ideas and the ones listed below will get you brainstorming for something new.

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