White Elephant Gift Exchange

by Janet
(Cave in Rock)

Find something in your house you don't want anymore. Wrap it as fancy as you can. Everyone puts their gifts in the floor as your guests form a circle around them. Each person takes turns picking a gift but does not open yet. Upon your turn you may pick one from the pile or take someone else's gift. If you take someone else's gift, they get to pick again. Do this until everyone has a gift. You may ask everyone to give their gift to the person to their left/right. When everyone opens their gifts be ready for a lot of laughs and lots of fun.

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More White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas
by: PartyWeDo

Thank you for making a mention of the white elephant gift exchange party. We are fanatics when it comes to this engaging gift sharing event.

May I suggest that you share some of the unique variations that our recreation team has created to make this game even more engaging.

Here is a link to the gift exchange idea page on the AlbinoPhant blog: http://albinophantblog.com/white-elephant-gift-headquarters/white-elephant-gift-exchange-idea-center/

Thanks again for including the white elephant gift exchange in your party ideas.

Bruce and Sarah Christensen

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