Teen Christmas Party

As a parent, planning Christmas parties for your daughter can be tough. Who knows what teens like these days?!? Well, here are a few ideas you can do for a fun teen Christmas party:

Have every guest show up in their favorite Christmas PJ's. The guests will sleepover.

Getting food for the guests is also challenging due to that you don't know their appetite. But a few simple things to provide is:
-Cookies or any Christmas treat you like
- Hot cocoa
-Soft Drinks, Juice, Water

Need non-boring, funny games to entertain your guests? Here is an idea-

Rambunctious Reindeer- You will need to split up the guests into teams. The teams will get 1 pantyhose and 14 balloons each. On "Go" each team will stuff the balloons up the pantyhose legs until each side is full and looks like reindeer antlers. Set a timer to 40 seconds to a minute and then say 'STOP'. They will choose 1 person from the group to be the reindeer and put the "antlers" on top of their head. The judges (parents) will then choose the best reindeer antlers. This is sure to make your guests have fun and laugh.

Santa's Scavenger hunt-
Split up into teams. Give the guests a lists of random/wacky things to find. The guests will go up and down the streets of your neighborhood asking from door-to-door if they have the supplies needed on the list. The first team that finds all supplies wins a prize.

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