Christmas Party for All

by Rose Marie
(Cumming ,GA)

Christmas is a time of magic and parties. Having a fun family event is often overlooked with adult parties and events that are not as child friendly as they would like you to think. So let’s have a fun party that includes the children that everyone can enjoy.

To get your event off on the right foot you will want festive decorations. A fun, exciting idea is to get clear plastic Christmas balls, ornaments, and a roll of parchment paper. Have your invitation written on the paper, roll it and place inside the ornament. Dress up as an elf and deliver them to your guests.

For party favors you can have red, green and gold Christmas ornaments and Santa hats for the children. For an extra surprise for the kids have Santa make a visit. Often you can call your local fire department and they will even bring their Santa by via fire truck.

Decorations should be all about Christmas and remember to make them child friendly - green, gold and red in color, ribbons, ornaments and trees. It really is simple to decorate for a Christmas party and there is no reason to go overboard.

Activities for the children could include Christmas kid movies. There are so many to choose from and every child at heart will enjoy them.

In addition, have a table of colors and Christmas coloring sheets. If you are real daring you could also have an undecorated tree and have the children make ornaments for the tree.

Christmas food is so simple and easy. Have ham, turkey and sandwich makings for all and the best rolls you can find. Have finger foods, appetizers, and do not forget your deserts. Kids love cupcakes, cookies and brownies.

Do not forget your adult guests; you will want to have a signature drink for them. Eggnog is always a good choice; just make sure you have pasteurized milk. For children have white punch.

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