Snowman Party

Invitations: Make cute snowman invitations out of round white circles with the information printed on them and then adhered to a black background. Use a white crayon to make “snow” on the black paper.

Decorations: For decorations take out your collection of snowman Christmas decorations and add fake show to surfaces.

Food: For a chilly snowman themed party have plenty of warm drinks like hot chocolate with “snowballs” made of out marshmallows. Chow down on a snowman nose (carrot) dipped in ranch dressing.

Activities: Have a snowball fight. Set up two teams and give each a stack of newspaper or white paper that will be recycled. Each team forms as many snowballs as possible by crumpling up their papers. At the whistle the teams start throwing snowballs across the room at each other. When the timer runs out which ever team has the least snowballs on their side of the room is the winner! While kids love this game adults also have a great time with it.

Make snowmen out of Femo clay. Have plenty of white clay on hand as well as bits of color for facial features and accessories.

Favors: Send your guests home with snowman soup. Place a packet of hot chocolate, a few mini marshmallows, a couple of chocolate kisses and a candy cane in a cellophane package with a ribbon tying it closed. Label the package with a sticker that says “snowman soup”.

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