Merry Olde English Christmas Party

by Virginia
(Key West FL USA)

The invitations to a “Merry Olde English Christmas” party can consist of greeting cards, blank inside, which depict some of the lovely homes in the English countryside that are on England’s National Register of Historic Homes and palaces. If at all possible, I would have a friend who knows calligraphy to do the writing inside the invitations and on the envelopes.

English Stilton cheese with Carr’s crackers would be a good choice for the hors d’oevres, and, as a toast before dinner, I think Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry would be an ideal choice.

No English Christmas would be an English Christmas without roast beef and Yorkshire pudding for dinner. That would be first on my list for food. Dessert would definitely consist of an English Trifle or a Christmas pudding that could be lit, of course. There are catalogs and websites that will mail ready-made individual Christmas puddings.

Depending upon the likes and dislikes of the invitees, music can be CD’s of Christmas songs by the chorals of some of the beautiful cathedrals of England.

On the top of a traditional Christmas tree there should be positioned a crown in the place of a star, and the tree could be decorated with lots of tiny British Union Jacks.

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