Cowboy Christmas

by Freda
(Dallas, TX )

At our company Christmas party we decorate using a Cowboy Christmas theme.

There are red bandanas on all the tables with a rusted barbed wire coil "tree" with red ornaments hanging off them. We decorate snowmen with cowboy hats, bandanas, and corn-cob pipes.

We play silly games like who can make the best snowman using toilet paper ONLY: everyone breaks up into teams of 4 and each team is given 3 rolls of toilet paper. 3 members have to cover the 4th member in toilet paper and the best snowman wins.

The food served is usually Bar-B-Q, chips, dips, etc, but we rename everything using the cowboy theme such as "Longhorn Cookies", etc.

It's fun and is definitely different from your usual holiday theme!

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pictures please
by: Rena

Hey there... Is there any way you can post pictures? I am planning a Cowboy Christmas Party for my 4 year old.


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