Christmas Party for Kids School

by Sarah G.
(Gilbert, Arizona USA)

Ask as many parents to help volunteer for your classroom Christmas Party. This helps with the kids hyped up about having a party. A few days before the party have kids make different type of decorations for the class. It helps if you do your research and pick a few different countries for the kids to do a craft from. Hang the decorations around the room.

Have a signup sheet on the door for types of snacks, juice, plates and cups that can be donated to the class or a $1 donation to go towards pizza for lunch.

Have an awesome Christmas craft that the kids can do that morning such as; Making snowflakes with paper and adding glitter to finish, reindeer paper bag puppets with outline of their hands for horns.

If you have tons of time to prepare the party, teach the children a few Christmas songs to sing for their families.

After the children eat finish the party with a holiday book and maybe another craft.

If you can find one, have Santa drop by the classroom - you will be a hero for that. One year my co-teacher and I dressed as elves and had another male teacher dress as Santa and visit the class. It was the best Christmas party we had all year long! Have fun, kids love holiday parties!

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