Nutty Nutcracker Christmas Party Ideas

(Washington, IL )

You could have so much fun with a Nutcracker Christmas Party theme!

Game idea 1: Have several nut crackers, and of course several nuts, preferably really small ones. Have a timed contest to see who can crack the most nuts in x time.

Game idea 2: Have several larger nuts (walnut) and attach Velcro to them and have a felt dart board for points.

Game idea 3: Have a tossing contest using nuts, you could do horseshoes or just a simple bucket, again with points awarded for different distances and points are redeemed for prizes or drink tickets.

Game idea 4: Using straws and very small nuts you could have a blow-race competition.

Idea A: You could have the best decorated nut contest, having those in attendance decorate a nut using paint, yard etc.

Idea b: How about the best dressed nut contest, people come dressed as a nut.

Idea c: Have a power point playing from various ‘funny’ events or moments from the families or employees. You could also have a video going of something like surfers wiping out, funny squirrels, etc.

The ideas are endless. Just ask around and find the best nut you know and ask them for their thoughts on this one.

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