Cheezy Christmas Sweater Contest - Always Fun!

We always host a Cheezy Christmas Sweater Party every year for our family and friends. It has been a tradition for around 10 years now, where the only requirement is the Cheeziest Christmas sweater that you can find anywhere, whether it be Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or digging one up from the attic of your parents' house.

Everyone brings one entry and $5 to put in a pot. We have a judging committee of 5 that determine the cheeziest sweater, and that person is rewarded the money. They usually head out to the liquor store right after celebrating and get 3-4 bottles of top shelf liquor for everyone, except the time Uncle Bob decided to pocket the money (and has not won the contest since).

There is usually a house band that gets into the act, along with the bartender we hire to help with the event.

It is incredibly popular and we require pictures when they come in so sweaters that have been used in the past cannot be used again. The pictures are also put on a digital slideshow and sent out to everyone’s email, and they are put on Facebook eventually so our friends who do not make it can see them in their entirety.

This year our goal is to get everyone in a sweater that is hideous. Last year 2-3 people showed up in dresses, shirts, etc.

Usually anything that needs actual electricity to operate the sweater is a winner. Good luck with the party, it usually leads to good times and great conversation!

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