School Classroom Christmas Ideas

by Suzi

A few fun things can be done at or in preparation for a school classroom Christmas party that are fun and simple. Holly clusters are cookies that don’t require utensils to eat. Invitations are a creative way to invite friends and family, and ornament making is an activity that kids can do during the party to make a lasting keepsake.

A good treat for School Classroom Christmas Parties is the holly cluster. Holly clusters are a variation on the old rice crispie treat. Kids can make and eat these in class. Use frosted flakes instead of rice crispies. When the marshmallow is melted in the pan, dye it green with food coloring. Drop spoonfuls onto waxed paper and top with cinnamon candies. It looks like holly, tastes like rice crispies and candy and requires no silverware and minimal clean up.

The classroom party invitation too can be a classroom project. Save stickers all year. Save stickers of all kinds like hearts, stars, animal stickers, or anything else that may interest children. For the class project, have the children paint plain trees on poster board. Once the paintings are dry, have the children decorate the trees with the collected stickers. With markers, invite friends and family to the party.

Another fun project for school aged classroom Christmas parties is making ornaments. Children can design ornaments using cookie cutters as templates. Cut out the center of one side and add the child’s photograph for a memorable keepsake for Mom and Dad. Glitter, puff balls or buttons could be used as finishing touches.

School classroom Christmas parties don’t have to be dirty or disorganized to be fun. A little bit of creativity goes a long way for keeping children active in a safe and healthy manner without making too much of a mess.

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