A Christmas Angel Party

by Ginny
(Key West FL USA)

My version of an angel party for Christmas is for grownups. This Christmas “angel” party should first of all consist of a white Christmas tree, an artificial one of course, with lots of little white lights. Each guest would be asked to bring an angel decoration to hang on the white tree. The angel decoration they bring could be made of any material, i.e. crystal, handmade craft, carved wood, even things like chocolate, cookies, or other similar edible materials. Invitations should be white, with sparkles, and in the shape of angel wings, and these invitations should specify that everyone be required to come dressed as their version of an angel. Obviously the men would come as the Angel Gabriel and the women as the feathered, winged version, most probably. Angel food cake should definitely be served as dessert. At some point in the evening, guests should be able to bid on the angels that were hung on the tree. The money made from the auction of these angel decorations would be announced as being donated to Angel Charity for Children, Inc., for instance, which was founded in 1982 and whose mission it is to improve children’s lives. Or to Sparkling Angel Charities, which is dedicated to promoting healthy hearts for children. Or to other similar Angel charities. After all, Christmas is the season for giving, and angels are perfect givers, are they not?

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