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A few years ago we attended a Medieval or Middle Ages Theme Party that was so well thought out in all the décor and details, I just had to share it!

It was a renewal of wedding vows, and the "bride" loved throwing theme parties, and was also an excellent seamstress. She sewed banners with coats of arms to hang all over the chapel hall, set a banqueting table with a feast that looked like it was from a movie set in the middle ages, and had costumes for herself, the groom, and other important participants in the ceremony. Then at the reception they had period dancing! It was a great inspiration for the party ideas collected below:

Medieval Party Ideas

Medieval Party Invitations

Use a mailing tube to send a scroll that lists party details (Hear ye hear ye…) It's easy to do when you have these scroll invitations.

Party Decorations

For any theme party, decorations can really make or break the mood! Really go for it, and have fun with the creative opportunities!

  • Hang up banners of coats of arms everywhere
  • Transform your party space into a castle - Castle Theme Scene Setters
  • If having a party in your home, remove your regular knick-knacks and use candlelight and greenery for décor
  • Serve food and drink from pewter colored partyware and crown goblet cups
  • Easy Party Food

    Whatever you decide to serve, do it the "old-fashioned" way - let everyone eat with their hands! Some fun ideas might be Chicken Wings or meats and cheeses.

    Party Music

    A Medieval Music Cd would be fun for music to start the party with, and then after your guests arrive move the music toward regular party music – tunes you and your friends will love. These are often songs that you would have listened to as a teenager or in college. Everyone enjoys listening to music that they are familiar with!

    Party games and activities

  • Encourage guests to come in costume if they wish. Be sure to award prizes for best costumes!
  • For ladies, provide cone shaped hats (with the scarf trailing from the point…like in fairy tales – BTW, they really did wear those sorts of things…)
  • For men, provide simple tunics with knightly emblems to slip on over their heads.
  • Crown a "King" and "Queen" of the Kingdom for the night.
  • Have Renaissance Dancing available. Hire a couple that can do a demonstration and teach a quick lesson, or learn about it (visit your library) and show your guests how to do it.
  • Hire someone (or ask a couple of friends) to dress up as nights and have a jousting match or sword fight!

  • Party Favors

    Compile a list of fun facts about the Middle Ages, print it on parchment paper and roll into a scroll to pass out to guests as they leave.

    Royal Party Supplies

    These party supplies are perfect for anytime you are celebrating your favorite princess, knight, royal or castle theme!

  • Knight Swords
  • Medieval Knight Paper Plates - I really love the medieval flair to some of these!
  • Princess Paper Plates
  • Stone Wall Decor - instantly create a "castle" look in your party spacea href!
  • Crown Goblet Cups
  • Amazon has a great selection of Castle Party Supplies

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