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I love the idea of an Around the World Party. The possibilities are endless!

Pick a few countries, offer food from those countries, and if you want to take it a step farther with activities and decorations you can do that too!! Adding adult party game ideas to this theme are a snap, as you’ll see below.

Make the world party theme a birthday celebration by focusing on countries that the birthday guy or gal loves. You can add some adult birthday party games to the event as well.

You can even schedule a progressive dinner with different housing hosting food from different countries. For example, appetizers could be from Spain (tapas), a main course could be from Italy and dessert could be from France!

If you want to adapt this idea to the USA, you could do that as well – serve Memphis BBQ, Tex Mex, Philly Cheesesteaks, Chicago Pizza, etc.

Like I said, the possibilities are endless for an Around the World Party!

Here are a few ideas of countries and activities to go along with them to get you started!


  • Decorate with candles in wine bottles, red and white checkered tablecloth
  • Go Go Toga!
  • Too many wonderful food options here!

  • China

  • Decorate with paper lanterns, fans, chopsticks – and use lots of the color red!
  • Serve food with chopsticks and make sure you include fortune cookies
  • Visit our Chinese New Year Party Ideas page for more ideas.

  • Mexico

  • Decorate with paper flowers, jalepeno pepper lights, Mexican blankets, pinatas, sombreros
  • Have a margarita or tequila tasting!
  • Serve a Mexican flag cake
  • Visit our Cinco De Mayo page for more ideas.

  • Ireland

  • Decorate with green, rainbows, shamrocks and pots of gold
  • Visit our St. Patrick's Day Party page for more ideas!

  • Germany

  • Decorate with beer steins, cookoo clocks, hummels
  • Have a German beer tasting station or sausage tasting station
  • Learn a German dance
  • See our Oktoberfest Party Ideas for more great ideas!

  • Texas

    (yes, it’s part of the USA, but ask a native Texan and they’ll tell you they are a country all to themselves!)

  • Decorate with Red, White and Blue, Stars and Cowboy items
  • Have a chip/salsa tasting
  • Have a pepper eating contest

  • USA

    Patriotic decorations such as bunting in Red, White and Blue

    Hamburgers, French Fries, Milkshakes! Yum!

    A cute idea would also be to go 1950’s!

    You can also play a printable trivia game, such as theUnited States Trivia Game available thru our affiliate link.

    More fun ideas for your party

  • For all the countries, check with your travel agent or a tourist bureau for that country for free posters!

  • You can also hang up flags from the countries as a great decoration.

  • To tie it all together a map cake would be perfect!

  • Consider hanging up world murals or scene setters.
  • You can even hang up large maps so party friends can "know where they are going."

  • If you're putting out veggies or other snacks as appetizers, arrange them in a fun way. You can get festive and create a flag of a country using vegetables in the color of the flag. For example, to make an Italian flag - use red pepper strips, jicama sticks and celery - red, white and green!

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