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Some of my favorite college parties were toga parties. It is easy to have go toga, just supply plenty of food and drink, and have everyone wear a toga.

Even people who normally aren't excited about a costume party seem to get excited about the prospect of a toga theme party! (You can even include Ancient Rome as a stop in an Around the World Party.)

Plan to give out prizes at the party to make it more interesting. Some ideas include:

  • Best Toga
  • Most Authentic
  • Best Accessories
  • You can also have a trivia quiz about Roman customs or play the the movie Animal House or play a fun game of "bobbing for olives". Some fun "theme" food choices would be italian type finger-foods, grapes and olives. Of course you can always just go with chips and beer too. Pretty much anything goes with this party!
  • How to Make a Toga

    A toga isn't just limited to a toga party. It also makes a great instant Halloween costume (I've done it myself, deciding at the last minute what I might want to do).

    If you need help with ideas for how to make a toga, here are some steps:

    Many people think that using bed sheets will work for a toga, but actually, you'll be doing better to buy a cheap piece of fabric that is 4 to 6 yards long. Depending on the style of toga you are going for, bed sheets may not be big enough. Also, there are lots of fun fabric design choices you could pick if you go to the fabric store.

    Wrap the fabric around your chest at least once and pin. It should hang between your knees and the floor. (Men may want to just drape it around their waist). Throw the rest over your shoulder and pin again.

    Add a laurel wreath for your head and some gold jewelry and...viola! It doesn't need to be perfect, and everyone's will probably come out a little differently. It is the fun that counts.

    Send us your toga photos and we'll display them on the site!

    The ideas on this website are free for you to use and enjoy. Thank you for considering a purchase of party supplies from the vendors thru the links provided to help support this website!

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