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A beer tasting party makes a fun alternative to a wine tasting party - simply a tasting party where you taste beer instead.

Beer Tasting Party Ideas

This can "stand alone" as a tasting party, or you can follow a theme, such as "beers around the world" as part of an around the world party.

You can also taste beers as part of an Oktoberfest beer tasting party.

Remember to serve responsibly, provide some food for your guests, and then have fun.

Another fun idea is to visit a brewery and see how it is all made!

We know a group of guys who gets together once a year for "meat fest". Part of this includes a selection of beers to try - nothing to keep track of - just a good selection of different things sitting in the cooler (along with a LOT of meat on the grill!) Usually I hear afterwards about their review of this beer or that beer that was new and was really unique and fun to taste.

How to do an "official" Beer Tasting

  • Blind Tasting - Serve the beers, and pick a variety of types. Cover the labels so no one knows what they are. Have a big variety of regular beers, lite, ales, etc., foreign and domestic. If you wish, everyone can write down their answers. At the end of the party have a "reveal", with the guest(s) with the most correct answers for what type of beer it is winning a prize.

  • Blind Tasting Contest - Serve the beers, but cover the labels. Have everyone vote during the night for their favorite.

  • Beer Tasting Themes - Consider tasting beers from a certain region of the world - like all German beers, all home brew beers, etc.

  • Price Point Beers Tasting - Serve beers within a certain price point, such as beers under a certain price.

  • Bring Your Favorite - Ask guests to bring a six-pack of their favorite beer to the party. Everyone can share, and then let everyone vote on which one they liked best.

  • Making it even more fun!

    And as you can see from the link below - you can even play printable Beer Trivia Games! These games are simple to use - just purchase online and print as many copies as you need. The best part is they are very inexpensive!

    Printable Beer Trivia Multiple Choice Game

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