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Have you heard about the newest rage? A Tequila Tasting Party!

Now I've been to (and thrown!!) all sorts of tasting parties.

Wine tastings, vodka tastings, martini tastings, even chocolate tastings!

But I hadn't been to a tequila tasting!

Tequila Tasting Party

Here's the scoop on Tequila Tastings

I found out that tequila tastings have been offered for several years at finer Mexican restaurants, but in the past few years the idea of a tequila lounge at fine restaurants and bars has been growing.

These lounges serve really nice tequila, and not only offer it for sipping and enjoying, but in a variety of cocktails.

You can do this same idea at home! Intrigued? Read on for ideas!

How to host your own Tequila Tasting Party

  • Simply offer a selection of fine tequilas, or you can do a mystery tasting, with everyone sampling one, two or more, and voting on their favorite as a straight up drink, in a margarita, or in another cocktail of your choice.
  • Fine tequila can be savored, like you would do with a fine scotch. You can offer samplings of the different types of tequilas: blanco, reposado, and añejo, (classified according to their age) or you can also offer samplings within a type of tequila - for example, all choices within the blanco category, or choices from a particular distillery.
  • The best glass to use is a wine glass or brandy snifter.
  • Just as you would do with a wine tasting, provide a spit bucket, and provide a small cup of coffee beans to smell between tastings to clear the senses.
  • Serve tequila at room temperature, and provide 1/2 ounce for each taste.
  • For tasting: Note the color of the tequila - it could range from clear to golden to amber. As you do with wine, swirl the tequila and smell to "taste" the aroma. Next, sip the tequila and hold in your mouth, tasting thoroughly before swallowing.
  • Serve lots of food to nibble on to complete the party! Tropical fruits, tostada chips and dark chocolate pair well with it.
  • Even though tastings will be small, make sure you have a way to provide a ride home if anyone should need it.

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