Patriotic Decorations

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Do you need patriotic decorations for a block party, July 4th, Memorial Day or Labor Day event?

Here are some easy ideas for you that are great homemade decorations!

Easy Patriotic Theme Decoration Ideas

  • Fill containers with flowers in red and white, and top with some American Flags. Some great flowers are geraniums, petunias and impatiens.
  • Purchase inexpensive white, red and blue fabric and use to drape like bunting (at the end of summer you can often find patriotic themed material on sale!!)
  • Dig out your Christmas lights in red, white and blue (leave the other colors packed away for now!) and drape around your front door, along your fences, and around your patio or backyard.
  • Small American flags can be purchased very inexpensively. Purchase several and group them together for a bigger impact. Let’s make the dinner table or buffet table patriotic too! Use a plain white tablecloth, or a red and white checked tablecloth, as your base. An easy napkin idea is to use red and blue bandanas.
  • Fill jars with red, white and blue candies, and the always favorite cake that is decorated to look like an American flag.
  • You know the paper chains that you can make at Christmas? Make some in red, white and blue and drape around the party area. This is a fun and easy craft idea that kids can help with in advance of the celebration.
  • My favorite party decoration – balloons! They are easy to find, easy to put assemble, and cheap! Whether you blow them up with air yourself, or use a helium tank to do it, balloons add a festive spirit instantly!
  • For July 4th, you can't decorate with fireworks, but learning about them is pretty interesting. So, I've included some fireworks trivia for you...the five usual colors are red, white, blue, yellow and green. They are made from these chemicals: Red – strontium, White – magnesium, Blue – copper, Green – barium, and Yellow – sodium.

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