Luau Flower Decorations

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Wanted: Luau Decorations

Solution: Add some beautiful, large, hibiscus paper flowers around your doorways!

Luau Flower Decorations

These were made with twisted brown paper for the stems and red and green paper for the petals and leaves.

The type of paper used in the photo came from rolls of colored butcher paper (kraft paper) which can often be found at teacher or art supply stores. It is great to have rolls in several colors to use to make lots of different party decorations for future events. This is a great way to change the entire feel of a room and add lots of color.

Unfortunately, those rolls of paper can be other alternatives are to use large sheets of tissue paper for the petals and leaves.

For another inexpensive party decoration idea, the stems could be twisted sheets of disposable plastic tablecloths.

Those plastic tablescloths are terrific. You can often find them at the $1 store, and they add a lot of decorating possibilities for a small amount of money! I love them and make use of them often. They are available in lots of colors. Plus, at the end of the party you can fold them up for easy storage if you are planning to reuse them.

These are fun and colorful homemade party decorations that would be perfect for any tropical party, such as a margaritaville party or luau!

Use these party decorations together with our luau decoration ideas including tiki torches and a homemade volcano for a colorful party! Placing these colorful hibiscus flowers everywhere will really add a lot of visual "wow" to your party.

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