St Patricks Day Party

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Saint Patrick's Day Trivia 2 game

A St Patricks Day Party!

Even if you aren't Irish, you'll love celebrating St. Paddy's.

Of course, everything should be covered in green!!

But where do you go from there?

Here are some fun ideas...

Note that these are "G" rated, so they will work as kids party ideas, teen party ideas or adult party ideas!

  • Have a contest where guests create Leprechaun “traps” for catching Leprechauns. Give out prizes for the best.
  • Have a “Blarney Stone” for everyone to kiss.
  • Have a “Blarney Stone” and let everyone guess how much it weighs.
  • Purchase a collection of St. Patrick's Day printable games to play.
  • Have a jar full of pebbles for everyone to guess how many there area. (The pepples are “chips” off the Blarney Stone).
  • Have a limerick writing contest.
  • Play pub trivia.
  • Dance to Celtic Music.
  • Hunt for a pot of gold.
  • Have a Potato Relay or Race – push a potato across a finish line using your nose.
  • Play Hot potato
  • All you need for great St. Patrick's Day Party Supplies - green beads, shamrocks - really any and all things green!

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    St Patrick's Day Trivia game