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Having a swimming party? If so, you’ll need some fun pool games!

Underwater Pool Games

But first…

Some important things to remember at your swimming pool party:

  • Always have someone designated as a lifeguard

  • Have plenty of sunscreen available

  • Remind guests to bring their own towels

  • Set out drinks and snacks – swimming makes you hungry!

  • For young swimmers, have an adult in the pool to help them take part in the games

  • Have some underwater cameras available for guests to use for a really fun pool party idea!
  • Pool parties are popular kid party ideas. If the weather won't cooperate, have the party an indoor pool.

    And now...let the swimming pool games begin!!

    Fun & Easy Pool Games

    Beach Ball Relay – You’ll need one beach ball per team. To play, divide players into teams and move to one end of the pool. On “Go”, a player from each team moves from one end of the pool to the other while pushing the ball with their forehead. Play as a relay race and the team that finishes first wins! You can also play this game with rubber duckies instead of beach balls.

    Coin Hunt – Throw a large amount of pennies into the pool and have the players dive for the change. Want to make pool games more challenging? Throw in a combination of coins and have players dive to bring you the amount of money that you name – such as 82 cents.

    Floating Ducks – You’ll need lots of small rubber duckies. Before the game, put a number on the bottom of each – either 1, 2 or 3. To play, all players get to one wall of the pool, while someone throws the rubber duckies into the pool. On “Go”, players try to collect as many rubber duckies as possible. At the end, total up the points (adding the 1, 2's and 3's on the bottom of the ducks) to see who got the most points. If you have a large number of players, skip putting numbers on the bottom of the rubber duckies and just collect them for fun!

    Floating Treasure – You’ll need lots of things that float – corks, small floaties, rubber duckies, ping pong balls, etc. – whatever you have available. To play, all players move to one wall of the pool, while someone throws the floating objects into the pool. On “Go”, players try to collect as many objects as possible.

    Freeze Tag – Select one person to be “It” and have them try to tag other players. If a player is tagged, they become frozen. To become “unfrozen”, a person has to swim thru the frozen player's legs.

    Marco Polo – One of the most familiar and popular pool games! To play, select one person to be “It”. “It” closes their eyes and counts to ten while the other players scatter in the pool. “It” keeps his or her eyes closed, and calls out “Marco”. The other players must answer “Polo”. This continues until someone is caught. Then they become “It”.

    Noodle Race – You’ll need a long swimming noodle per player. To play, have players sit on the noodles like sitting on a horse and race across the pool. You can also divide the players into teams and play this game as a relay race.

    Pool Toss – You’ll need lots of soft water balls, or anything soft that floats in water and can be thrown. Use a rope or net to divide a pool into two halves. Divide players into two teams, with a team in the pool on each side of the rope. Give each team the objects to be thrown (an equal number of items to each team). On “Go”, each team tries to throw all of their items across the rope to the other side, keeping all items out of their side of the pool. Play for five minutes, and at that time end the game. The team that has the least amount of items on their side when the game ends is the winner.

    Shark & Minnows – To play, select one player to be the Shark. The remaining players are the Minnows. The Shark is at one end of the pool with the Minnows are at the other end of the pool. On “Go”, the Minnows try to move from one end of the pool to the other. The Shark tries to tag the Minnows. If a Minnow is tagged they become a Shark.

    Water Basketball – You’ll need a water basketball set. If you don’t have one, use an innertube or hula hoop and a ball. Divide players into teams and on “Go” try to get the ball and throw it into the basket.

    Watermelon Race – You’ll need a watermelon per team and a jar of petroleum jelly. To play, cover the watermelon with petroleum jelly. Place the watermelons in the water and have each team race across the pool with their watermelon.

    Important point to remember... for pool games to be fun, they should be safe! Choose pool games that are age appropriate and swim-level appropriate for your players.

    Have fun!

    Have A Great Water Game or Pool Party Idea?

    Do you have a great idea? Share it!

    Pool Games shared by visitors

    By Anonymous
    Two teams, one ball try hit the ball onto the other side and try have a rally it ends by the ball hitting the water whoever side it lands on the other teams the other teams point.

    Dunk Tag
    By: Katie T., Glendale, CO, USA
    Choose one person to be "it". If it is a birthday party the birthday boy/girl will choose the person person. While you are it, you will attempt to dunk
    anyone else in the pool. That person is now it.

    By: Anonymous
    One person is "it" and they name a category such as "farm animals'. Anyone that is not it will think of something in the category. The person that is it will start naming things in that category with their eyes closed. If they call yours, you have to swim to the other side without the person that is it catching you. If the person that is it turns around and nobody is going they must take a step forward. This round goes on until someone is caught.

    By: Libby B., Virginia
    One person goes to one wall of the pool while the rest of the guests are on the other side. That one person then thinks of a movie title or a TV show but keeps it to him/herself. They then describe the show or movie without giving away the name. If someone thinks they know they Anwser they shout “Star!” And dive in swimming to the person. They then tag they player and tell them what they think it is, if it’s correct they are now they Star

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