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Don't you love to receive party invitations?

Have you ever received one...

...but were left with questions? Exactly who in the household was supposed to attend? How long would it last? Should I bring something?

Putting all the information together in a clear, concise manner will save your guests from having these questions, and will possibly save you time from having to answer them!

Getting these details to your guests has never been easier, and the possibilities are endless. You can purchase just about anything or make something you dream up! Of course there are also online options. No matter what type you select, you should include the following:

Items to Include on Party Invitations

1. Purpose of event (birthday party, bridal shower, etc.)

2. Date of the event.

3. Time of the event. In addition to listing the beginning time of the party, you may want to include the ending time. Is it a "come and go" sort of party? If so, include that information too.

4. Location of the event. In addition to the address, if it is in a location that is hard to find, such as in an apartment complex, include a map or specific directions. You can include the map as a separate piece of paper with the invitation.

5. RSVP Instructions. Technically, RSVP means "respond please" - meaning tell me if you are coming and also tell me if you are not coming. But lots of people are confused about this. I have found that many guests only respond if they are coming, but others only respond if they are not coming. They both think they are doing the correct thing. Avoid confusion, and instead of "RSVP" you can say "Regrets Only" or "Can You Come?" or something similar, based on the formality of your invitation.

6. Any special instructions (such as "Bring a White Elephant Gift", bring a dish to share, BYOB, etc.)

Keep these things in mind and it will be a great success!

Looking for creative ideas to announce your event?

For these themes ...

Luau, beach, ocean, mermaids or pirates: send a message in a bottle.

Princess, princes, knights or castle: print the details on paper and roll it up, tie it with ribbon and make a scroll.

Anything related to travel: make a little passport book and include all information inside the passport.

For a casino night or game night, send your invitation details on a playing card.

Have great ideas and tips to share? Tell me about it!

Do you have a great easy party idea or game?

Share your great ideas!

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