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These super-cute "Under the Sea" Sealife Decorations are fun and colorful homemade party decorations that would be perfect for an under the sea party, mermaid party, Margaritaville party or luau!

Under the Sea DecorationsBeautiful under the sea life!

All of these backgrounds shown in the photos below were made with colored butcher/kraft paper, which happened to be provided. But not everyone has access to giant rolls of blue paper! So...

When you want to cover a large area and transform it into a background of color, the easiest and cheapest thing to do is to use large disposable plastic tablecloths. Then you can use colored paper to create the sea creatures, rocks, and plants for your underwater scene.

Imagine your guest's reaction when they arrive at the party and see the walls looking like this!  

Sea Decorations

Your guests will love finding Nemo at your party! It is fun to mix in familiar characters.

You don't have to limit your decorations to sea creature either. Include things you might find in the water, such as a boat or a scuba diver too!

Diver Under the Sea Party Decorations

Around the room you can add some sealife inflatables, such as this Killer Whale, for fun! Everyone will want to climb on it and have a photo op.

Getting Really Creative with Sealife Decorations

No under the sea scene is complete without an octopus!! This one was made in the corner...with his legs hanging out from his body in the different directions. It is a perfect example of being willing to use the entire room creatively.

Octopus Decoration

Another example of using the ENTIRE room is a photo of the ceiling below - what do you think? It takes a lot of time to prepare, but what a neat effect! It add to the magical fun of being under the sea!

Under the Sea Ceiling Decorations

 Obviously the items on this page are going to take some time to sketch out, cut out, and assemble and hang up. But I hope they will inspire you!

These great decorations pictured here, along with tiki torches and volcano decorations (perfect for a luau!) were made by the talented folks at our annual VBS at our church.

If you don't have that time available, the next best thing is to use ocean theme scene setters like these available at

More Ocean Party Ideas

  • Sand Pails and beach toys
  • Blow up beach balls
  • Fish Nets
  • Take your party in a "luau" direction, and include fun activities like the Luau Party Games Pack from
  • Include a sea turtle cake or other ocean themed cake to your ocean party decorations.

    When to Use Under the Sea Decorations

    Don’t limit these decoration ideas to an “under the sea” party theme! These homemade party decorations would be perfect to be used for any party that includes a tropical, beach or water theme. Some suggestions for parties where you could incorporate these ideas include:

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