Vodka Tasting Party

We were invited to a fun new party idea - a Vodka tasting party. What a great opportunity to bring out some really creative party theme ideas!

The idea of the party was to determine what was the best vodka for a martini?

In a blind tasting format, guests tried a variety of vodkas in a variety of cocktails, and then determined the "best vodka" based on the votes.

Lots of food was provided to go along with this, and of course good music and friends.

Oh yes, and a ride home was also provided, if needed!


Tasting parties are HOT right now. Vodka could be a great alternative to a wine tasting or another lastest popular trend, tequila tasting parties!

Shaken or stirred? This theme could also go along great with a James Bond theme party. While trying out those martinis, liven up your James Bond night with a casino party theme.

Other than James Bond, I think of martinis when I think of great, black and white, classic movies...particularly the Thin Man movie series with William Powell and Myrna Loy. Have you seen them? Lots of fun, and lots of martinis involved. You can relive the 1920's and 30's - bathtub gin, and all that, with a 20's party. Ideas for a 20's party.

Use this them as part of a Hollywood Party, focusing on silent films and early black and white films. You can use lots of black and white decorations, and tell your guests to come dressed as a movie character from the old Hollywood movies. More ideas for a black and white party.

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