Casino Party

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For easy, fun adult party ideas...there are two ways you can go about doing a Casino party…

You can do it yourself, by setting up roulette, craps, poker, blackjack and paying your guests in phony gambling money to work the tables. (Pay them well and you’ll never have a shortage of dealers).

However, by the time you set up all the tables and purchase the supplies you need, you may financially be better of by doing the other option…

Hiring a casino game company. They’ll take care of everything for you.

They will provide the tables, chips, supplies and workers for your party.

So investigate the costs and your options, and decide what is best for you.

Either way, when guests arrive give them playing money.

It is fun to give huge amounts, like $1000, or $100 chips (something they wouldn’t throw down on the table in real life).

At the end of the gambling, award prizes to those who have won the most money.

For either party, consider serving a casino theme cake.

Here are two different directions you can go with your casino theme party...

James Bond and Las Vegas!

James Bond Casino Party


  • Pretend plane ticket (the kind we used to get!) to Monte Carlo, with details
  • Write the details (or paste the printed details) on the back of a playing card.
  • Fake Travel Itinerary to Monte Carlo.
  • Decoration Ideas

    Think Elegance. Think Monte Carlo. Candles, flowers, a beautiful atmosphere.


  • Rat Pack
  • Music from James Bond films
  • Food Ideas

  • Whatever you wish, but make it look elegant!
  • Serve martinis – shaken, not stirred...
  • Acitivities (in addition to gaming tables)

  • Your guests can come dressed for an elegant evening, a la Monte Carlo.
  • Men can come dressed as Bond (or one of his villans) and women can come as Bond girls.
  • Play virtual games, like a ski simulator or shootout.
  • Hire someone to be "James Bond", and at one point in the evening stage a fight or scene and have him run out after the bad guy.
  • If this is a golden birthday make sure that you include gold coins, or some other special golden touch
  • Party Favors

  • Decks of cards
  • Dice
  • Anything James Bond related - movies, books, etc.
  • Anything martini related

  • Las Vegas Casino Party

    Party Invitations

  • Pretend plane ticket (the kind we used to get!) to Las Vegas, with details
  • Invitation details written out, sent with a pair of dice
  • Write the details (or paste the printed details) on the back of a playing card.
  • Party Decorations

  • Hang up blinking lights everywhere - you can't have enough!
  • Post signs to the wedding chapel and the all-you-can-eat buffet

  • Music Ideas

  • Elvis
  • Rat Pack
  • Wayne Newton
  • Food Ideas

    The "all-you-can-eat buffet". You can even post signs pointing to it!

    Activities (in addition to the gaming tables)

  • Your guests can come dressed Las Vegas style – as Elvis, a show girl, a bride, tourist, etc. Award a prize for best.
  • Hire an Elvis Impersonator to do a quick show
  • Hire someone to do a really bad lounge act spoof
  • Set up a stage area and have karaoke available
  • Have someone dressed up like Elvis perform a fake marriage ceremony so everyone can pretend to get married/renew their vows.
  • Hire a strolling magician to do some tricks
  • Party Favors

  • Scratch Off Lottery Tickets
  • Decks of cards
  • Anything having to do with Elvis, Rat Pack, Wayne Newton, Liberace
  • Dice
  • Viva Las Vegas!

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