It's a Roaring 20s Party!

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A 20s party is so much fun to decorate, plan and attend.

One great party idea for a Twenties Party theme is to have a Bootleggers Ball.

In the 1920s, alcohol was illegal and this time period was called “Prohibition”. So, some people started making it themselves, some people made it for others, and bootleggers, also called rum-runners, transported the alcohol from one place to another.

Some of the things that were transported by the bootleggers included whisky, champagne, and gin. So, having these at your party, along with a mock moonshine still would be a great touch. You could post a sign on the gin to name it “bathtub gin” as well.

Turn your Roaring 20's party into a “speakeasy” – a place where drinking, jazz music and gambling went on. Watching a movie set in the 1920s, such as the opening scenes of Some Like It Hot Movie (Amazon Link) can give you a good idea of what to go for.

You can carry the 20s party theme even further by having a fake surprise “police raid”, complete with toy machine guns, happen during the party.

Have some casino tables set up, and encourage guests to wear Zoot Suits or a 20's Gangster (men) and Flapper dresses (ladies).

If you can go elaborate with your decorations, think of Art Deco. Watching movies from the 1930s will give you a great idea of the clean lines of the Art Deco movement. It started in Paris in 1920s and was worldwide in the 1930s.

Speaking of movies, silent movies were the rage. Perhaps if a guest doesn’t want to come dressed as a flapper, they could come as a silent movie star. Some great 20s costume choices would be:

  • Mary Pickford with her long ringlets of curls
  • Rudolf Valentino
  • Cowboy Tom Mix
  • W.C. Fields
  • Mae West
  • Charlie Chaplin

  • If TVs are around, show silent films on the screen during your 20s party.

    Thinking of those old black and white silent films of the 1920s (note that “talkies” were coming in by the end of that era) it is fitting that you might carry out a “black and white” theme with your decorating.

    Check out our ideas for a black and white party for more on decorating along those lines.

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