Black and White Party Ideas

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A black and white party.

What a great theme!!

This could go in SO many directions.

The most famous party of all time to follow this theme was Truman Capote’s famous party of 1966.

One of my favorite ideas using these colors is to think about the era of silent, black and white movies, perhaps along a theme of a 20's party.

Dressy or casual, adding to the colors or not, these ideas can fit any occasion.

Let's face it, black and white is something that is always "in style!"

Black and White Invitations

A simple classic white invitation would be very easy to do, with black ink.

Honestly, anything you create that is in a black or white mix will be perfect!

Easy Party Decorations

  • Black and white balloons and streamers
  • Cover walls and furniture in a mix of white and black fabrics
  • Hang white, black and silver stars from the ceiling
  • For tables, use black linens with white candles (or vice versa)

  • Black and White Menu

    Keep your party theme going by serving food to go with the theme.

  • Include black and white cookies!
  • Serve sandwiches on marble breads.
  • For cocktails (or their mocktail versions), serve chocolate martinis, white Russians.
  • Or serve hot chocolate and coffees!

  • Party Fun and Activities

  • Ask guests to wear black and/or white. (this is where you can make the event dressy, or casual – black and white can go either way!)
  • If a movie theme, plan a party with a movie theme for adults or a movie theme for teens, show silent black and white movies on a screen, and display black and white cutouts of early film stars.
  • For favors, Bags of Hershey Kisses Hugs (they are black/white!)

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