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Here are some Scary Halloween Party Ideas to make your event extra spooky!

In addition to Halloween decorations,  add these to your list of scary Halloween ideas for your party. Towards the bottom of the page you can add your own ideas to this list!

  • The darker the better. Add some black lights, strobe lights, fog machines or dry ice.

  • Plenty of cobwebs, including some that you’ll have to walk through to get places.

  • Candles, particularly candelabra, make a spooky effect. Flameless candles work great because you don't have to worry about them getting knocked over and starting a fire like a flame candle would.

  • Place items in unexpected places, where your guests will turn and run into something that will surprise them.

  • Have friends dressed in dark colors, waiting in the shadows to reach out and grab guests.

  • Tell a spooky ghost story, and while you have everyone’s attention plan in advance for someone to scream from another room. Bet this will make your friends jump! Anything like that will catch people off guard while they have their attention on your story!

  • For a true horror halloween party, set up a haunted house in your basement or garage.

  • Play a scary movie on a screen during the party.

  • Search for a treasure, but along the way have creepy things in hidden places. For example, lead the treasure seekers to a box they must open, and inside you could have a body part such as a toy bloody finger, that sort of thing.

  • Play a Halloween Murder Mystery Game. They are great for smaller parties.

  • Site visitor Olivia suggests you plan a haunted house to put on when it gets really dark out and have someone use a strobe light. She says the ones on phones tablets, etc. work great. Test it out first before the party to make sure it has the effect you want it to have in case you need more lights.
  • Search your local party store and dollar store for scary halloween party supplies.

  • Remember, scary halloween parties can be fun, but keep them safe. 

  • Your spooky and scary Halloween party ideas

    Share your spooky halloween party ideas with us! We want to hear your best scary halloween party idea! We'll add the best ideas to the site to inspire others!

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