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Let's face it. A Halloween party? Nothing is better at bringing out creativity like a good theme! And Halloween certainly fits the bill.

The options are endless for costumes, games, decorations, food.

During the season there isn't a day that goes by where I don't think "Wow! what a clever idea!" or..."That is so cool - where can I buy it?"

I know you probably feel the same, so here is the place to add all those clever products...and even warm memories.

We'll add them to the pages of this site so that our many Halloween visitors will enjoy them too!!

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Vintage Halloween Costume Not rated yet
My mother made the clown costume for me 30 years ago!

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  • Hide and Seek the Blair Witch Way
  • Haunted Mansion Party
  • Get the Ghosts Out of Your Yard
    Shared by: Evelyn, Beaver Falls, PA, USA
    Divide playing area with low chairs or a rope. Put half of the kids on each side. Use white balloons to be ghosts. Kids hit the "ghosts" to their neighbors yard until the game leader calls stop.

    Find the Doll
    Shared by: Christopher, Egan, MN, USA
    You have a creepy doll - hide it anywhere and see who finds it first

    Candy Hunt
    Shared by: Katie
    Have a candy hunt at your Halloween party. Like an Easter egg hunt. With plastic pumpkins instead of baskets. Go outside once it's dark and give everyone a flashlight and pumpkin and see how many hidden pieces of candy they can find.

    Murder in the Dark
    Shared by: Anonymous
    This requires 3 or more people. Select a person to be the "murderer" and give them a blindfold. They must spin around 10 times before the game starts. Once they have done the turning around they can begin. Other players must move around and dodge the "murderer". If someone gets caught, they become the murderer.

    Ghost Hunt
    Shared by Tegan
    One of your friends hides somewhere, but when you find them they shout "boo" and you hide with them. Have fun!

    Pin the Tail on the Monster
    Shared by: Anonymous
    Have a poster of a monster such as frankensteinna and have a distinct feature like maybe his stitches on a separate piece of paper with a pin attached. Have the players be blindfolded and have them pin the distinct feature on the poster in the appropriate spot. The player who pins it closest to the spot wins.

    Halloween Balloon Bounce
    Shared by: Grace, NC, USA
    Blow up orange and black balloons, and have fun while bouncing them up in the air on your nose as long as you can.

    Watch a Scary Movie!
    Shared by: Anonymous
    Sit down, pop some popcorn, and be ready to be scared!

    Great Costume Party Tip!
    Shared by: Elli, WV, USA
    Give a theme for your costume party (a good one for a b-day is for everyone to dress up as a character or object that start with the first letter of your name.) You can tell everyone to come as a superhero, animal, etc.

    More Halloween Party Ideas shared by visitors

    Scare Contest
    Shared by: Anonymous
    Throughout your party make everyone carry around their phone. Everyone will have to scare each other and catch it on camera. The people with the most scares wins. You could also do the funniest scare wins. Works best with a group of 20-50 people.

    Manhunt - Zombie Edition
    Shared By: Iris, England
    One person (the zombie) counts to 60 while the other players (the humans) run and hide. The aim of the game is for the zombie to infect all the humans. If the zombie catches a human, they become a zombie with them and eventually all the players are zombies except one and they hunt the human down!

    Costume Contest
    Shared by: Anonymous
    Guests write down the person who wore their favorite costume. The person with the most votes wins!

    Candy Eating Contest
    Shared By: Eleanor, Paris, France
    All you need to do to prepare this fun party game is fill buckets with candy (one bucket for each player) and see how much candy they can stuff in their mouths. This works a lot better with small candy, I recommend doing this with sour candy. Because its more fun to watch and harder to do.

    Sweet Prize Chain
    Shared by: Anonymous
    Before your Halloween party you get a load of sweets of your choice and get some string... You connect the sweets to the string and hang the string on a wall, that way you can have a games Halloween challenge. You play a load of games and each winner can have a sweet from the string.

    Hide and Seek in the Dark
    Shared By: Lucy
    How about hide and seek in the dark its just like hide and seek but in the dark all you have to is get a flash light for everyone and turn off all the lights and let the game began!

    There's a Ghost Here Among Us
    Shared By: Bailee T., Arkansas
    The main Idea is basically the same as "AMONG US" but its called There's a ghost here. What you do is you set up different task whatever you want them to be around the different rooms. Make everyone have a color and a sheet that says I'm dead. Have everyone draw and every sheet says Catcher except one the one says Ghost. But whatever you do tell nobody your identity, then say Hunt, let everyone go everywhere and do there task. But say The Ghost kills somebody and you find the body you Yell "REPORT" and everyone meets up and you tell the other players Where, and if you saw someone. If so they vote for that person or somebody else. Then say you vote for the Ghost you play again. But say you don't you keep going until either the Ghost kills everyone and everyone is a ghost or somebody figures who the GHOST is.

    Halloween Jinx
    Shared By: Regan, Phoenix, Arizona
    Choose 1 word people can't say and tell everyone this word when they arrive at the Halloween party. If you catch anyone saying this word shout out "Jinx!!". The group now decides on a penalty for that person.

    Pumpkin Carving Competition
    Shared by: Anonymous
    This is a fun idea that I thought of for Halloween parties. Simply buy as many pumpkins as you need (one for each contestant). Take out the seeds and other inside parts of the pumpkins ahead of time to make competition faster (optional). Spread everyone out so that they can't see each other's work. Provide supplies for everyone to use and let them carve away! Once everyone agrees to be done, turn your pumpkins around to show everyone else. Have everyone vote on the best pumpkin carving. Whoever has the most votes wins!

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