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I’ve both held and attended many a murder mystery party…and they are always a fun time.

It is great for adult party ideas (especially a dinner party) and also works great for an adult Halloween party.

The good news...correction... the great news...

is that there are many mysteries that you can purchase that have already been prepared for you!

These usually include ideas for decorations and menus, along with the invitations and all supplies that you will need.

What an easy way for you to plan a party!!

Most prepared Murder Mystery Parties follow a pattern where each of the guests at the party is a suspect in the murder mystery and everyone is also working to try to figure out the identity of the murderer.

How a Mystery Party Works

Your invitation will include details about which character the guest will play. Encourage them to dress up – this is a big part of the fun!

During the course of the evening, an announcement will be made that a murder has happened.

Clues will be revealed over time, and characters will get information cards periodically to help them with their responses and guide them on what information they should reveal (or not reveal).

Your Job at the Party

As a good host, you’ll...

  • make sure that guests know what character they will be before they arrive (so they can dress the part),
  • make sure that clues are set up along the way, and
  • make sure that each character has the information he or she needs to play their part.

  • Why is a Mystery Party So Much Fun?

    These are a lot of fun, especially if you have friends who will really get into their characters and come dressed for their role.

    Sometimes I've even been surprised at some of my guests who totally assume another person's identities, from the way they walk, talk and act.

    These parties are also fun because they can revolve around dinner.

    So they serve a double purpose as a dinner party AND murder mystery!

    A good game is one where the instructions are clear for the host and the characters, making it easy to play their part.

    Shopping for Murder Mystery Party Games

    There are several packaged, boxed games that you can buy and have shipped to you.

    Here are some popular ones, with links to read reviews and purchase!

    A Murder on the Grill - This mystery party is set in the 1950's, with characters ranging from a Russian rocket scientist to a sexy divorcee.

    Honky Tonk Homicide - Create a honky tonk set in Cactus, Texas for the scene of this murder mystery.

    Pasta, Passion and Pistols - An Italian New York restaurant is the scene for murder and marvelous Italian food.

    Murder at Mardi Gras - A Mardi Gras theme always makes for a fun party!

    Shop a complete collection of murder mystery party games.

    Printable Murder Mystery Games

    Sometimes you just can't wait for the game to get shipped to you!

    If that is the case, Simplifun Studios has a great selection of printable mysteries - that's right - print from home!

    The selection includes the 60's, the Roaring 20's, and even a Maui theme...

    Click here to view more details and shop at SimpliFun Studios.

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