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There are lots of options for purchasing Halloween party supplies:

For odds and ends, you might check your local dollar store which is a favorite place for cheap Halloween party supply items.

Stores such as Target and Walmart have Halloween party stuff.

Local boutiques might have some unique take home party favors.

If you live in a large city, there might be a Halloween party store available that is only open during this season. This can often be your best bet for really scary Halloween party decorations and supplies.

Check your phone book or online and see if there are any wholesale Halloween party supply vendors that will sell to you at wholesale prices.

Another source to check for a few items would be craft stores. In addition to cute Halloween crafts (to make before the party as decorations or to make at the party as an activity)

Don't forget to check with your local party store!

Discounts on Halloween Stuff

Your best resource for inexpensive items will be your dollar store and the dollar section of your local craft store. You'll probably find that they carry everything from party supplies to favors to decorations.

Halloween Party Invitations

My favorite "go-to" source for great, one of a kind invitations is to visit Amazon's gallery of Halloween Party Invitations

You’ll find lots of free printable Halloween party invitations by doing a simple Google search.

If you are having a birthday and are looking for Halloween birthday party invitations, just add on the invitation that the party is in celebration of so-and-so’s birthday and use a normal Halloween party invitation. This opens up the possibilities!!

Create your own invitation with scrapbooking papers, vintage drawings, or by cutting out shapes (bats, pumpkins, ghosts, witch hats) from card stock or other heavy paper. Have as much fun making your Halloween party invites as your guests will have receiving them!

For an informal party where you are inviting a large number of people, you can even make up a Halloween party flyer to distribute and post.

When considering your Halloween party invitation wording, remember to specifically say whether or not guests should wear costumes!

For more great ideas, visit our page: Halloween Party Invites

Halloween Party Favors and Halloween Party Gifts

I love to hand out remembrances at all my parties.

If you don't find anything you like, a bag of Halloween candy, a decorated Halloween pumpkin, or a Halloween decoration works great!

Halloween Decorations

There are so many decoration ideas and easy, cheap resources, there is an entire page on this site devoted to Halloween party decorations:

Click here for Halloween Party Decorations

Have A Great Halloween Idea?

Do you have a great idea for celebrating Halloween? Share it!

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