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A Knight Party can include...

Slaying dragons...

saving a damsel in distress...

jousting and tournaments...

and more! All this adds up to a fun and easy party idea!

Knight Party Ideas and Games

Cute Party Invitations

  • A "hear ye, hear ye" type scroll would work great for this party...It's easy to do when you have these scroll invitations
  • Make an invitation in the shape of a sword, and write the party details on the blade.
  • You can also purchase cute Knight Party Invitations online. Lots to choose from!

  • Party Icebreakers & Crafts

  • Decorate King Crowns with craft jewels and stickers.
  • Build a castle out of Legos, blocks, marshmallows, or even out of cardboard boxes!
  • Decorate a Knight Shield

  • Knight Party Decorations

  • Make your party room look like a Great Hall in a castle. Hang banners, coats of arms, etc.
  • Make signs pointing the way to a dragon's cave.
  • While you are at it, how about making a dragon's cave out of a large cardboard box or tunnel? They'll love going thru it.
  • Use Castle Theme Scene Setters to create a castle wall to complete your party atmosphere, or paint rolls of butcher paper to look like castle walls.
  • Include a throne for the birthday boy to sit on while opening his presents!
  • Make sure you take a photo of each child with your great decorations! They will love having their picture taken! Consider including a printed copy with their thank you note.

  • Knight Party Photo Booth Background

    Knight Theme Party Games

    How about setting up your knight games as a quest to become a knight (similar to what is described in our superhero training party)

  • Let everyone try to pull a sword from a stone!
  • Have a safe jousting competition - one visitor suggested using bananas!
  • Play some catching games like Annie Annie Over or a balloon catch game to test their agility.
  • Send the knights on a treasure hunt quest for a grail, to find a dragon (perhaps a Dragon Pinata!) or treasure stones. To make treasure stones, wrap your “treasure” inside tissue paper, then aluminum foil, then coat it with plaster of Paris and allow to dry on wax paper. After it is dry, paint as you wish.
  • Test their ability to follow directions with games such as Red Light, Green Light or Simon Says
  • A test of strength would be a good game of Red Rover or Tug of War.
  • Plan an age appropriate obstacle course!
  • All good knights can ride a horse. Add a Stick Horse Relay or Race to your party.
  • Have a nerf gun crossbow tournament.
  • Play Capture the Flag.
  • Test target skills with a bean bag toss, toss thru a hula hoop, or perhaps a pinata.
  • More Kid Party Games!

  • Knight Birthday Party Cakes

  • Make a sheet cake and put knight figurines on top.
  • Make a Castle Cake
  • Make a Dragon Cake (actually the link from this page is for a dinosaur cake...but they could kind of look alike, don't you think?)

  • Royal Party Supplies

    These party supplies are perfect for anytime you are celebrating your favorite princess, knight, royal or castle theme!

  • Knight Swords
  • Medieval Knight Paper Plates - I really love the medieval flair to some of these!
  • Princess Paper Plates
  • Stone Wall Decor - instantly create a "castle" look in your party spacea href!
  • Crown Goblet Cups
  • Amazon has a great selection of Castle Party Supplies

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